Amani Bin Shikhan

Amani Bin Shikhan

Freelance writer.

Toronto-based. Interested in cultures, structures, people and diaspora.

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FASHION Magazine

Why Are Internet-Famous Beauty Brands Dewing the Most Right Now?

Chasing authenticity in the marketing world is a tricky thing.


Aminé‘s World of Fun Is Good for All of Us

The young Portland artist is more than a one-hit wonder. Bananas, anyone?

Open uri20170802 14560 y0ge9l article

"Bodak Yellow" Is Just the Beginning of Cardi B's Reign - Noisey

With "Bodak Yellow," Cardi B has stepped out from being a social media star and established herself as a rapper to be taken seriously.


'All Eyez On Me' and The Danger in Worshiping Our Idols

The 'All Eyez On Me' doc is not the first or last rehashing of Pac’s legacy. But when will it end?

The Ringer

How Kelela Found Her Voice

The R&B singer talks about her forthcoming debut album, ‘Take Me Apart,’ the black women who have shaped her, and her place within the vast genre

How SZA's 'Ctrl' Transformed Toiled Time Into Gold

Her debut album is what happens when you’ve had enough of not being enough.

Drake's 'More Life' Is A Glimpse Into Toronto's Complicated Culture

The playlist documents a memory in the making for the city's most neglected corner.


It's Time for SZA to Take Her Throne

A primer on SZA's career thus far, and why it's important to stay in her corner.


How Drake's music flips the script on cultural appropriation

A conversation on Drake, culture, and Toronto on CBC Radio One with Nora Young of CBC's The Current.

FASHION Magazine

Is Casting Diverse Models Just a Trend?

A critique of fashion's diversity problem and the casting agencies who are trying to make it a better, more inclusive space.


Drake’s ‘More Life’ Is an Undeniable, Lovable Global Smash

Diaspora Drake is the best Drake—and also the most natural.

Teen Vogue

How These Black YouTubers Are Changing the Beauty Vlogging Space

In “The Beautiful Ones”, a Real Life Mag essay by poet and essayist Momtaza Mehri, the aesthetics of blackness and black beauty in the online world are described simply: “There are bodies, or beauties, that the world does not make space for. We know and live this. To counter that, these bodies have created their own alternatives online.”


9 Black Chefs, Cooks, and Bloggers Changing the Way We Think About Food

Black creative peoples, especially, have shown just how powerful the internet—and even more specifically, social media like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and blogging platforms—can be for innovative career-building that changes the traditionalist ways that we think about food and new media.


Wholesome Memes Is The Most Positive Place On Instagram

The internet can be a sad and dreary place. In a time where our feeds are filled with reminders of what feels like an impending, yet chill, Armageddon, small pockets of the massive online black hole preserve communal sanity with a surprisingly effective, digital coping mechanism: memes.


Watch Puffy L’z New Video For “Riri” And Get To Know Toronto’s Halal Gang

The rapper, currently touring with Drake, talks about his crew and what it’s like to make it out the city.